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On 22 July 2010 the Inner House of the Scottish Court of Session handed down its decision on this long running dispute. The Inner House upheld Lord Drummond Young’s decision by a majority of 2:1
Gerichtsurteil über Bauzeitverlängerung. Court decision of extension of time for completion,
One of the leading cases concerning concurrent delay is the 2007 Scottish decision of Lord Drummond Young in City Inn Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd [2007] CSOH 190. As a Scottish law case, it is persuasive authority in England and Wales for the approach the courts would adopt when dealing with the apportionment of damages for extension of time claims where there are concurrent causes of delay.
Kommentare zum Gerichtsurteil City Inn vs. Shepherd Construction in Bezug auf Gewährung einer Bauzeitverlängerung. Court decision on extension of time for completion
Judgment on an application by Fish Holdings Limited for an extension of time under Rule 8(2) of the Tribunal Rules until the actual receipt by the Tribunal of a notice of appeal against a decision of the OFT entitled “Bid rigging in the construction industry in England” (“the Decision”).
The reclaimers and the respondents are respectively the employers and the contractors under a building contract, dated 15 October and 11 November 1998 for the construction of an 168-bed hotel at Temple Way, Bristol. The contract incorporated the conditions of the Standard Form of Building Contract (Private Edition with Quantities) (1980 Edition), together with a substantial number of additional provisions, including an Abstract of Conditions and a Schedule of Amendments, prepared for the purposes of the contract.
The issue of performance bonds appear potentially less immune from interference by the courts following the Technology and Construction Court’s ruling in Simon Carves Ltd v Ensus UK Limited


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