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Delay analysis is always a hot topic in the world of construction claims. The recent Technology and Construction Court judgment in Walter Lilly and Co Ltd v Mackay (July 2012) contains some practical points, as well as points of law.
In writing or not, “time is of the essence” places specific obligations on the contractor and subcontractors that, if not fulfilled, could hold grave legal and financial consequences.
This article examines the potential range of “time at large” arguments available to Contractors and, in particular, how they may be advanced in a civil law context
Modern contracts are used in a commercial environment which has encouraged the development of claims in construction contracts for a number of years. Nevertheless, some of the conditions of contract used today are based on documents that were drawn up in the nineteenth century, and much of the construction law that is relied upon in the courts and in arbitration has been made as a result of cases that took place in the industrial revolution.
Scott Lowe P.E. discusses how to use fragnets to analyze anticipated changes and delays to your project
Points from existing contract documents conditions which lead to disputes are enumerated along with modification suggested.
These two expressions are familiar to many. But in a contractual sense what do they mean and are they truly the opposites that they first appear to be?
It is often said that for a building or construction project, there are three objectives which the owner of the project is aiming. These are, in no order of priority or importance, money, quality and time. This paper seeks to discuss certain aspects of the last named objective.
By Nathan Abbott
The term "Force Majeure" originates from the French Code Napoleon (now the Code Civil) which states "There is no place for any damages when, as a result of Force Majeure… the debtor has been prevented from... doing that to which he was obliged."

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