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If at any time before the actual delivery, the construction of the VESSEL, any performance required as a prerequisite of delivery of the VESSEL or actual delivery of the VESSEL is delayed due to acts of princes or rulers
Eine Bauverlängerung im Sinne der VOB Teil B § 2 Abs. 5 ist eine zeitliche Anordnung oder einseitige Entscheidung des Auftraggebers, die vom vertraglich festgelegten ausführungszeitlichen Inhalt abweicht, d.h. einen späteren Baubeginn bedeutet
This article examine some of the features of force majeure provisions in construction contracts.
This clause is meant to benefit both parties in a contract. Force majeure would come into play, for example, when you buy a house.
Vis Majeur is more commonly known as An Act of God. Such a term is rarely seen in construction contracts but is noted here to identify that the phrase is narrower than Force Majeur because, arguably, some acts of God are with in the power of man to control
Time-critical and other sensitive contracts may be drafted to limit the shield of this clause where a party does not take reasonable steps (or specific precautions) to prevent or limit the effects of the outside interference, either when they become likely or when they actually occur
Force majeure clauses are almost always included in project agreements. However, they are rarely given much thought until one or more parties seek to rely on them.
Force majeure clauses in project agreements are common, however, the amount of time spent negotiating those clauses is often minimal.
The term "Force Majeure" originates from the French Code Napoleon (now the Code Civil) which states "There is no place for any damages when, as a result of Force Majeure… the debtor has been prevented from... doing that to which he was obliged."
In conversation, force majeure is often used synonymously with acts of God or forces of nature. However, on a construction project, a force majeure event is, quite simply, whatever the contract says that it is.

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