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When drafting a contract, it is sensible to consider how it would deal with, for example, a pandemic that led to mass staff absences.
Uncertainty continues to prevail over Libya’s oil and gas industry, with each side in the developing civil war claiming to be in control of the country’s oil fields, pipelines, and ports.
The term force majeure within the context of South African law does not have any precise definition, nor is it recognised as any special doctrine in South African law.
When unforeseen events impact on the delivery of a project, both employer and contractor will look to the contract to understand the consequences in terms of time and money.
Die höhere Gewalt (von lat. vis maior) liegt nach deutscher Rechtsprechung vor, wenn das schadenverursachende Ereignis von außen einwirkt, also seinen Grund nicht in der Natur der gefährdeten Sache hat (objektive Voraussetzung) und das Ereignis auch durch die äußerst zumutbare Sorgfalt weder abgewendet noch unschädlich gemacht werden kann (subjektive Voraussetzung).
any event or circumstance or combination of events and circumstances which materially and adversely affect the performance of the obligations of either Party to a contract and is not within the reasonable control
Although force majeure (which literally means ‘superior force’) is a concept known to the English construction industry and which features in the JCT suite of contracts, its origins actually lie in the French civil code and it is not a principle of English common law.
This is a simple example, with no distinction between political and natural events. It requires that payment obligations continue even in the case of Force Majeure. It relates to a BOT project.
Um seinen Anspruch auf Bauzeitverlängerung zu sichern, muss der Auftragnehmer dem Auftraggeber die Behinderung schriftlich anzeigen (Baubehinderung).
VERTRAGSRECHT Welche positiven Folgen die Abänderung einer gesetzlichen Grundregel durch die ÖNORM B 2110 für den Auftragnehmer haben kann.

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